Insurance & Assessor’s Information

East Coast RVS use Auto Quote estimating & invoicing package with interfaces for Estimage, P-Net, Arnie and ORM.

We carry large stocks of aluminium van cladding, fibreglass filon sheeting, aluminium extrusions and sheet metals as used on RVS. We also stock vast quantities of marker lamps, T/lamps and exterior fittings, all of the above allows us to reduce the cycle time on the overall process of repair.

We offer onsite (at the clients) quoting and RV pick up service on insurance claims all onsite quoting is performed by Michael Relph, owner of East Coast RVs, dressed in Company uniform and having a vast knowledge of the RV industry instilling the highest level of confidence in any discerning owner.

All vans picked up from clients are towed by our current model 200 series Landcruiser, that can tow any registered caravan in Australia. This is the mobile face of our company.

We have recently purchased the adjoining property and this now gives East Coast RVS one of the largest footprints of any RV repair business in South East Queensland. All customer units can now he housed in a secure facility.

We have also been involved in repairing pantechs, refrigerated and catering truck bodies for a number of insurers.

At this stage we are performing desk top quoting from assessor’s images for a number of work providers, we are also performing water ingress tests to determine point of entry verifying if impact related, lack of sealer maintenance or design fault, with an end result report in writing.

We have no problems with being the 1st or 2nd quote provider on damaged RVS as we believe our pricing to be competitive whilst maintaining a high level of quality and customer satisfaction.