Trade enquiries for RV manufacturers

East Coast RVs is the preferred provider of warranty repairs for a large number of dealers. These warranty repairs include transit damage, delamination issues, leaks, and all other general warranty rectifications. In addition many dealers utilise the capabilities of East Coast RVs for aftermarket accessory installations and internal fit-out alterations. We will pick up any unit that is not easily brought to our premises. We will also come to your premises to inspect and quote any repairs whether warranty or general.

Any dealer or manufacturer can be confident that East Coast RVs will produce high quality professional outcomes. Coupled with a business and staff that always present the most professional face to customers, the dealer or manufacturer can rest assured that their customer will be comfortable that they will get a high quality outcome on their investment.

We will interact with your customers as if they are our own. We understand that your customer has made one of the most significant purchases they will make and are understandably concerned that any work is of the highest quality. Although we treat warranty customers as our own we have a wholesale cost regime to the dealer and manufacturer appropriate for warranty repairs. Our aim is to provide a level of service such that your customer becomes our customer for any general accident work in the future.

We will at no cost also provide a detailed inspection of all units in our workshops to ensure there are no other potential issues that may have been caused by movement or temperature extremes such as sealer shrinkage or splitting.

As an additional service to our valued dealers and manufacturers we will rectify at no cost any straightforward sealant repairs. Any significant issues will be notified to the dealer or manufacturer to allow for rectification while the unit is with us, therefore negating any requirement for the customer to return the unit for further work.

We also welcome any other trade enquiries. Please call us to discuss terms and conditions.